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I miss hugs

There is no one size fits all approach for wellness and self care. It's really about identifying what brings you joy, then finding ways to do more of THAT. ⁣⁣


Moment of transparency: Running a business and being a parent is so fulfilling but at the same time, intense and can be difficult for creativity to flow, especially when I feel emotionally, mentally, or physically tapped out. ⁣⁣


Over time. I’ve realized self care shouldn't be held hostage until my to-do list is complete. ⁣⁣


Basically, if you need a moment - TAKE a moment! ⁣⁣


One way I “take a moment” and incorporate self-care into my routine is by spending time with my friends and loved ones, albeit the pandemic has made this a bit more challenging than normal, but it feels so good to be around my girls, laughing and talking - even if social distancing, over Zoom, FaceTime, etc. These moments of connection are needed to help fill my emotional tank. ⁣⁣


Which friends are you going to reach out to today? Share this with a friend that you miss connecting with or that you want to connect with soon. We could all use a little love today!⁣⁣

*Side note: I’m not really a hugger, but I miss hugs 😔*

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