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People need space and grace to heal

I am excited to share my reflections and thoughts on leading an amazing discussion on Strategies For Self-Care During Turbulent Times recently. I had the pleasure of facilitating this discussion for the good folks at Meredith Corp.


I received a ton of feedback from participants who related to my grief and trauma journey. ⁣⁣


Speaking to this, especially in corporate spaces, let’s people know they are truly seen & validated while equipping them with the tools to heal and manage difficulties. ⁣⁣


In the midst of all the uncertainty going on in the world, people are looking for ways to manage what they’re feeling from a social justice perspective to survive a pandemic within a pandemic. ⁣


It was truly an honor for me to address all of this during my talk and to also speak on the power of having inclusive leadership in corporate settings. Leaders must be dynamic, allowing people the space and the grace they need to develop, while also ensuring deadlines are met. Productivity cannot become a reality if people are not seen and their experiences invalidated. ⁣⁣


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