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A communication strategist and wellness advocate, I am the creator + founder of DRINK FIRST THEN POUR, where I serve as a healing coach, advisor and confidant to high-achieving women. I spent nearly 15 years working in human capital, organizational leadership and communications, connecting people with effective solutions, and leading diversity and inclusion initiatives for Fortune 500 organizations, when I decided to step out on my own.

At 34 years old, a personal tragedy occurred that shifted my entire world. Newly widowed and suddenly a single parent, I was devastated, and emotionally and mentally exhausted. Though my corporate career was going well, I was on autopilot, relying on muscle memory to get through each day. I realized the best way to show up for my daughter, was to first show up for myself by prioritizing my health and wellness. Soon after my healing journey began, I learned that many high-achieving women like myself, struggle with prioritizing themselves and their wellness. And, although accomplished, often suffer from anxiety, debilitating stress, and lack of purpose, among others. 

Today, I help high-achieving women live on purpose and unlock the door to their potential through my work as a healing coach, speaker, advocate, and leadership strategist.

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