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Train your brain and take back your life

Often times the purpose of your pain (and even your healing) isn’t just for you. Trauma changes you. But it also fuels your impact. What you feel is crushing you is actually birthing you to the next level.

Though the pain and grief of losing my husband can feel overwhelming and immobilizing at times, I am so thankful to not have been suffocated by widowhood. I am grateful that my story doesn’t end here. Neither does yours.

Your impact on the world largely depends on your ability to be free. Take back your power and reprogram yourself. Eliminate anything standing in the way of you pursuing your passion, purpose, and God-given potential with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Face, deal with, and overcome any obstacles in your path. Ask God to work in you to make the changes you need to make. Believe that God’s best lies ahead, then get ready to receive it.

Tips to take inventory of your life:

Reflection - reflect on experiences and lessons learned

Gratitude - develop a gratitude mindset

Quietness - spend some time with and getting to know yourself

Boundaries - create healthy boundaries. Learn to say no.

Refill Your Cup - press pause when you feel unsettled. Engage in activities that energize you.

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