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Nothing grows in comfort zones - a birthday reminder

In 2018, God whispered a vision to me that SHOOK me to my core. I was shook because the vision looked nothing like what I could see with my own eyes. I was newly widowed, raising my child alone, and working in a job where I had grown in level, compensation and accomplishments. Despite what looked good on paper though, I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't in the right place or the yearning I had for more. Still, what God showed me seemed ridiculous and well beyond my capability and capacity. Pondering on it too long triggered my anxiety. So, I decided to ignore the vision God spoke to me and raised my hand for even more responsibility at work. Now this was my comfort zone. This felt safe.

Soon after, I was selected for a highly coveted leadership development program at my company, chosen to lead several high-priority/high visibility projects, and earned a promotion. By all accounts, things were going well. I was given access to coaching reserved for high-potential leaders and enjoyed the process so much, I decided to seek out coaches for my personal life as well.

In January, God spoke that same vision to me again. This time the whisper as replaced by a full on yell, "IT'S TIME TO GET OUT OF THE BOAT JON'A!". For several weeks, I wrestled with what this meant, although deep down I already knew the answer, which terrified me. I had a Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane moment. A period of prayer and fasting followed, during which, I received three messages:

1. Be courageous

2. Get comfortable being uncomfortable

3. I've already given you everything you need to succeed. Trust me. Have the faith to take the first step.

So, I jumped out of the boat and am choosing to walk in faith and claim EVERYTHING the Lord has for me. Walked away from my job, started a business, booking speaking engagements, etc. My heart, mind and soul are revived and I feel renewed. All of this started by me taking the first step toward my purpose.

What has been placed on your heart and mind that you are afraid to explore? Stop dreaming and wishing you could do that thing. And DO that thing. You don’t have to have it all figured out now. But you gotta start somewhere.

Remember, anxiety is about control. To live victoriously and on purpose, let go of your powerful grip on fear, anxiety, and your desire to control every situation and every outcome.

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