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Corona is here

The thought of staying home for weeks doesn't bother me. The thought of entertaining a 3 yr old for a whole day, let alone for weeks, with no break?! If I can be honest, is part terrifying and exhausting. The struggle is real.

BUT...since I’m not running around or rushing to get somewhere right now, I’ve been able to be more patient and present. Establish a new schedule. And the giggles, tickle sessions, and intellectual conversations with my preschooler have been refreshing.

Then, I remember that God hand selected me to be this child's parent through all seasons...I can do this! 💪🏽

I can’t help but think about how many more families will be able to connect on a deeper level because of the shutdown. How many relationships can be restored because outside distractions have been removed? Yes, it's optimistic thinking, but what if we stopped focusing on what we don’t have or can’t do right now, and instead leaned into how to make the best of the situation and simply love on the people around us (while social distancing 🙂).

Just a thought.

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